Who we are

Our investments help to improve the communities in which we serve

We view our technology platforms and real estate projects as an opportunity to change lives and the character of communities. Technology: We see our homegrown platforms as the very tools needed to further the advancement of industries, relieving legacy pain points while improving access to the consumer, through cutting edge solutions. Real Estate: We believe that the Home is the nucleus of society and has the power to influence people and shape neighborhoods. It is our goal that all of our acquisitions and developments ultimately reshape and progress habitats. Our commercial financing redevelops hubs of employment and public infrastructure, fueling growth in local economies. It is our mission to “Lift Where We Stand” and provide a sense of “Living with Purpose”™ for our borrowers, investors, and communities. Like our great tree name-sake: We are Ever Strong, Ever Proud and Ever Growing!

Our Mission

Everyone has a mission, this is what gives us purpose as a company and what motivates us to come to the office every morning. At Sequoian, we have a core purpose of Making Money Work™ While Improving Communities
Our Core Values

The following is a list of our core values. This is a reflection of what is truly important to us. Our core values never change no matter what the situation or who is working for us. They are the foundation of our company. By upholding these core values, regardless of how large the property or project we are working on, we can safeguard what is the strength of our company.

Our Core values are where it all B.E.G.A.N.
Building Character

Sequoian stands as a beacon of Integrity.


We do not stop until the task is complete no matter what it takes!


We do what it takes to protect investor money


There is always a solution


(Transparency) We will show you ours, regardless of if you show us yours!

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