Investment Opportunities

Fractionalized Investing

This type of investing refers to a group of investors, each funding a percentage of the total amount. Fractionalized investing can permit investors with smaller amounts to participate in an investment because they are combining with other investors.

Individual Trust Deed Investing

This type of trust deed investing refers to an investor that fully funds a loan on one particular property. As the note is paid, the investor receives the return at the interest rate in the note. The benefit of this type of vehicle is that the investor can receive the full amount of return on the note. Individual trust deed investing may also appeal to an investor who wants to invest in a shorter-term project, such as funding a note with a six-month maturity.

Investment Concept

Sequoian Investments, Inc. is a private money lender that provides real estate loans secured by individual properties. Due to the recent credit crunch there has been an increased demand for private money financing. Consequently, the quality of our properties and borrowers have become significantly superior to what is traditionally considered hard money loans. In turn this reduces the risk for our investors.


We thoroughly underwrite every loan request in order to provide the highest quality investment opportunities to our investors.

Since the tightening of the credit markets the quality of our transactions has substantially improved and the loans have become “make sense”.

We heavily weigh the importance of the types of properties that we lend on and what the rental values are on those properties in case something goes wrong.


High yielding investment interest rate starting at 9% and higher

Monthly distributions

Great for all forms of retirement plans, especially IRAs

In most cases double digit returns secured by equity rich San Diego properties



For more information, download our Trust Deed Investor Questionnaire.

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