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We specialize in providing hard money financing for our clients as well as Trust Deed real estate investment opportunities for our investors.


Been shown the wrong investments?

BE THE BANK!  Invest in Trust Deeds secured by real estate and receive 9%+ annually.  Use Your IRA and defer the tax on your return!  Ask us How.


Facing an insurmountable financial choice?

Often WE INJECT OUR OWN CAPITAL into projects that we arrange to give our clients reassurance that we believe in the transactions we coordinate. We believe in the importance of having skin in the game.


“Making Money Work”  returns of 9% to 18%

We are investors first and entrepreneurial at heart. We look for financial methods not yet seen in the market and then strive to execute our model quickly and with precision.


Need A Hard Money Loan?

Sequoian Investments Inc. offers private money financing for the following types of properties;


Looking for a Trust Deed Investment?

What is a Trust Deed Investment? Trust deed investments are high-yield real estate loans that are secured by properties.


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Hard Money Lenders and Trust Deed Investments

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    Recently Funded Deals

    San Diego, CArecently funded trust deed investment
    San Diego, CArecently funded san diego trust deed investment
    San Diego, CArecently funded california trust deed

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